As a Woodfire Club member, you will earn points from the moment you join the club. You can apply your rewards towards purchasing a wide range of menu items.

Membership Level

Silver Level: 0 – 1499 points per calendar year (January through December)
Gold Level: 1500 – 2499 points per calendar year (January through December)
VIP Level: 2500 + points per calendar year (January through December)

**Accounts with zero activity over a 12 month period will be deactivated

Benefits of the Woodfire Club

Point Conversion Rewards Silver Level: 300 Points = $15 reward
Gold Level: 300 Points = $20 reward
Every 300 points earned = $25 reward

**Point conversion reward expires in 90 days

Birthday Reward

Silver Level: $20 reward
Gold Level: $30 reward
VIP Level: $40 reward

**Birthday rewards expire in 30 days

Quarterly Promotion

Reward Silver Level: $10 promotion reward
Gold Level: $15 promotion reward
VIP Level: $20 promotion reward
**Reward expiration is based on promotion and does not follow the 90 day policy
Invitation to Special Events
Silver Level
Gold Level
VIP Level